Simulation Of Amazon Deforastation

While nowadays everyone is increasingly noticing the growing speed of amazon deforestation, the real extent is still hard to imagine. What if your place would be the amazon forest? I created a simple simulation to show it.

I always loved geoinformatics. It is a great skillset for visualization, showing real world effects with real world cartography.

As the amazon deforestation reached its peak in july 2019 with an area of 2,254.8 square kilometres (source) it becomes harder to imagine than ever.

Inspired by the idea of Digital Fans, I decided to recreate a similiar visialization, based on the MapBox GL.js Client under an Angular frontend.

After just one day, the majority of the area of hamburg will be destroyed.

The more visualizations are made about this and the more they got shared, the better we people will understand the unbelieveble amount of forest that dies every day, every minute and every second.

If you want to help you can do this in many ways, escpacially with sharing my simulation.

Go to simulation

Thank you.